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Business adds value to indigenous medicineThis image gallery shows how a firm is commercialising South Africa’s buchu plant based on a benefit-sharing deal. (SciDev.Net, 09.08.15)


Dairy production empowers women in rural BoliviaThis photo gallery shows how a new dairy business improves livelihoods in the remote village of Colquencha. (SciDev.Net, 30.04.15)


‘Water ATMs’ deliver liquid assets in India’s capital This photo gallery visits Delhi’s streets, where solar-powered machines dispense clean water in poor areas. (SciDev.Net, 17.02.15)


How fruits, plants and spices enrich Zanzibar A photo gallery on the tropical treasures of the Tanzanian island and their use in food and traditional medicine. (SciDev.Net, 16.01.15)


Climate change and knowledge from Peru’s indigenous roots This photo essay explores how science preserves diversity and complements traditional knowledge at the Potato Park. (SciDev.Net, 19.11.14)


Delhi’s waste site storyThis photo essay examines how ‘big tech’ transfer to manage urban waste risks driving out sustainable alternatives. (SciDev.Net, 19.11.14)


Tanzania’s bustling fish market supports livelihoodsThis image gallery offers a peak at Dar es Salaam’s fishing industry through Kivukoni, the city’s main fish market. (SciDev.Net, 21.07.14)